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Strategic Alliances

Firmlink creates partnerships where resources, capabilities and core competencies mesh harmoniously in achieving success of common objectives. The generic pharmaceutical market is a fast-changing arena and we utilize our speed of action to leverage the strengths of partners to successfully build products and enhance growth.

We engage with large generic pharmaceutical players for front ends. Besides significant domain experience of the most major Pharmerging markets in Top 20, we have an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical environment in Asia and have strong relations & presence in place in Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia Our management, regulatory, marketing and sourcing capabilities have successfully brought new drugs to the market place through firm alliances.

Licensing is a key service offering, in the Firmlink strategic alliance module, to expand portfolios of potential partners. In creating alliance strategies we also provide early to late stage in-licensing services across geographies. We have relations with select partners in regulated regions who offer niche or edge of the technology products, which could be licensed for a market or a set of markets.

Firmlink's licensing activities is increasingly bringing in higher proportion of revenues for partners and is a core part of our overall business development approach.

The Firmlink strategic alliance model uses industry best practices, minimizes and shares risk while ensuring successful outcomes. We help our partners to expand their reach while they continue to focus on their core business. We identify areas of consolidation for size, speed and supply to ensure the best deals possible for our partners. Our strategic alliance services maximize the rewards of team work.

Partnering with Firmlink allows you to:

  • Find new opportunities and products
  • Use established alliance matchmakers
  • Expand product basket through licensing
  • Build compatible & sustainable relationships
  • Be competitive through the product life cycle
  • Achieve advantages of scale, scope & speed
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