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FIRMLINK Pharma builds strong and successful generic pharmaceutical focused alliances.  Our relationships are built on a clear-cut, transparent approach to Regulatory affairs, Product Sourcing, Licensing and Marketing.  Our unrivalled depth of experience is only matched by our dogged determination in completing projects.  We are respected for being ethical and live the credo of operational excellence.

We successfully join pharmaceutical organizations in sustainable and profitable activity with our first-hand domain knowledge of markets across all continents.  Our expertise lies in all aspects of regulatory processes and requirements, and pricing in key therapeutic areas and market specific models suited to geography.  Our in-depth understanding of the ground conditions in the complex but high growth pharmerging regions of Asia, South America, the CIS and Africa prove invaluable to clients.

Established in September 2009, FIRMLINK is strongly built upon the experience of its promoters.  Collectively that represents over 40 invaluable years of understanding of the generic dosage form business across all regions.  The experience was acquired in building businesses (organically and inorganically), establishing brands, locating and cultivating suitable partners for pharmaceutical MNCs across the globe.

FIRMLINK has well established alliances and relations with large generic pharmaceutical entities in the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, the GCC, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa.

At the other end of the chain we have (so far) assembled a basket of over 3 dozen regulatory approved Indian and other regional vendors.  We have performed rigorous due diligence procedures to ensure our customers get the benefits of reliability of commitments with cost effectiveness so vital for our customers in the generic space.

We are independent contractors who offer the most comprehensive services that can be completely customized for your business.

FIRMLINK is a fast growing consultancy with offices in Delhi, India and in Manilla, the Philippines.  We are also rapidly expanding our operations into, GCC/Middle-East, Latin America, the Maghreb and Ukraine.

Fundamental Facts

  • Established in 2009
  • Generic Pharma focused
  • Combined experience of over 40 years
  • Wide vendor base in Asia
  • Alliances across Asiapac and Europe

Core Strengths

  • Speedy Action & Delivery
  • Strong relations with large players in Asiapac.
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialists
  • Generic Domain Knowledge
  • Enduring Alliance Creators

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