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Product Development

Firmlink is a dependable and resourceful partner in product development of - from concept to roll out. Our best-in-class expertise and knowledge of the entire generic pharmaceutical chain enables us to identify opportunities and provide real value from our service providers.

We support every aspect of development including raw material sourcing, product pack design and formulation development through product registration all the way to market launch. We bring our capabilities to bear on the product wish list, formulation challenges, locating including tying up with suitable developers, setting practically manageable milestones and ensure developed products have a marketing edge.

The Firmlink team uses the extensive experience and knowledge of pharmerging markets to carry out a due diligence of suppliers, dossier developers and co-developers. Our global awareness and local expertise in many pharmerging regions has enabled our partners to gain access to new markets and opportunities. This gives us the hard facts to make clear and informed decisions in order to lay a solid foundation to get suitable products developed fitting the market.

By applying our insights into local conditions, especially the Asiapac region, and typical over commitments by some suppliers we are able to firm up workable milestones and make sure that progress is monitored closely to ensure that they are adhered to as per the plan. Our speed of action and positive persistence will bring your product to market faster.

The Firmlink co-development business model is a model used in jointly pooling resources and is an equitable and self-propelling option for carrying out select projects not easily sourced. It is based on profit sharing in the ratio of cost sharing.

Partnering with Firmlink gives you

  • Access to variety of product developers
  • Benefit of knowing hidden development nuances
  • A quality finished product
  • Additional time
  • Prolonged revenue life
  • Product profitability
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