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Product Sourcing

The global generic pharmaceutical environment is competitive and increasingly crowded. It presents challenges to players up and down the chain. The myriad complicated regional regulations add further hurdles.

Firmlink's value to clients lies in our ability to surmount the hurdles and identify product-sources ahead of the competition because of our intimate knowledge of emerging and regional market's needs. The ever growing network of reliable Firmlink uses quality and price as hygiene factors and goes beyond the basics for firming up dependable suppliers & vendors.

We carry out robust due diligence on all our suppliers and assist in delivering quality dossiers, make certain regulations are followed at the site , firm up practically manageable volumes & assure commercially-viable long term supplies. We ensure that we go beyond the expectations of clients by drilling down on all planned activities. Our worldwide network of vendors is carefully selected to offer a wide range of formulations specially focusing on the niche, un-crowded segments or difficult to develop products across select high growth therapeutic categories.

Firmlink does not just locate resources but is proactive when it comes to filing dossiers ahead of competitors. We are able to add regulatory value to reconcile the dossier needs of clients while ensuring that vendors get workable and minimum batch size orders thus establishing sustainable sourcing alliances. Our commitment to operational excellence also extends to improving and sustaining margins for our partners by constantly applying our costing & pricing understanding across the chain.

With Firmlink you get

  • Early product identification
  • Application of global experience locally
  • Market-Driven volume arrangements
  • Milestone based monitoring
  • Demonstrated forecasting capabilities
  • Constant Cost consciousness
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